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Here's a small entry to keep track of all the legacies , downloads of live journal and dreamwidth. . I just noticed i haven't touched my journal for a year.

Yuxi : dreamwidth / livejournal
Buffy/joedy : livejournal
Azaya: livejournal
Beescratch: livejournal
Selesenmoon: livejournal
Miki: livejournal
Pooklet : Dreamwidth
Vksims: Livejournal
Allelliua: Livejournal
Wella Creations: Livejournal
Ghen: Livejournal
Bosie/Problematique: Livejournal
cpowell: Livejournal
PeachT: Livejournal
Phobia: Livejournal
Pixel Trade: Livejournal
Astromeso/Simply Random: LiveJournal other Livejournal
Astray Sims : Livejournal
Dothesmustle: Livejournal
Siren: Livejournal
Mikisnotlegacy: Livejournal
Simmericangirl: Livejournal
Prescilla_Bean: Livejournal
Senzella: Livejournal
Sea Serpent : Livejournal
Simkittenssims :Livejournal
Meeliie: Livejournal
Witheredlilies: Livejournal
Aelia: Livejournal
Goldfished : Livejournal
Wcif sims: Livejournal
Ya-saglasna : Livejournal
Fightocrime : Livejournal
Mala: Livejournal
Nymphy : Dreamwidth
Kale: Dreamwidth

That took me 2 hours to do , man am i slow or what :P Will probably add more to the list once i get more links. 

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